DS XtremeHG

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XtremeHG is a unique innovation from the DuraSlic lab. This coating combines DuraSlic’s signature durability and repellency with new SuperSlic technology for a best-of-both-worlds coating. HG’s new Haze Flash system allows installers to see coating coverage like never before. HG adds gloss, depth and shine like no other coating on the market. Add in elite hydrophobic and oleophobic properties and you have the ultimate in paint protection. XtremeHG is taking the detailing industry by storm and helping detailers grow their business like never before. It’s time to Change Your Angle.

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A: Haze Flash is a new technology that allows installers to clearly see coating coverage and coat more efficiently than ever.

A: XtremeHG is a 5 year ceramic coating while FlowX is a top coat that can go on top of any ceramic coating to add SuperSlic properties.

A: Refer to the detailer portal for application instructions.

A: For even more information, check out HG’s technical data sheet.

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30ml, 50ml