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Formulated with DuraSlic’s SuperSlic technology, FlowX is the ultimate topper to a ceramic coating. FlowX was born from industry feedback- a desire for a coating that left behind a silky smooth finish. Along with the satisfying feel, FlowX also protects against water spots, leaving a more complete finish than ever. Adding FlowX makes any vehicle a breeze to clean up during maintenance wash. Whether it’s used in tandem with DuraSlic Xtreme or as a standalone spray, FlowX is ready to roll.

  • Compatible with any ceramic coating
  • Easy to apply spray gets your job done quicker
  • Drastically lowers surface sliding angle so contaminants roll right off
  • Makes maintenance washes effortless
  • Adds pristine gloss, shine, and slickness
  • Lasts up to 1 year as a standalone



NOTE: All returns to DuraSlic require authorization. Please contact customer service. DuraSlic only accepts returns if the item/s are new and unopened, except in the case of known, verified and agreed upon manufacturing defect. Item/s must also be returned within 30 days of original delivery. Any kit or bundled item/s that are opened or missing parts are not refund eligible.


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DuraSlic FlowX Ceramic Top Coat is ready to change your angle. This spray has been carefully blended by our chemistry team to be compatible with any ceramic coating. Thanks to DuraSlic’s new SuperSlic technology, FlowX lowers the sliding angle on any surface it’s applied to. What does this mean? Any surface with FlowX becomes ultra-resistant to contaminants. Water, mud, tar, and other unwanted substances will “flow” right off during a maintenance wash- if they aren’t off already. FlowX is compatible with any ceramic coating on the market, making it one of the detailing industry’s most versatile products. This ceramic top coat is a cut above the others.

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