Ceramic Coating for Marine

Our products are 100% compatible with marine vehicles

DuraSlic’s products are far from one-trick ponies. While many see ceramic coatings as only having automotive applications, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The technology at DuraSlic’s disposal allows for a wide range of uses. We didn’t forget about the boat enthusiasts. Check out what a marine ceramic coating can do for your ship.


Boats and water. Like bread and butter. Top tier hydrophobicity is a staple of DuraSlic Ceramic Coatings, and our proprietary hybrid chemistry protects from the many elements of the water. Once applied and cured, our coating will also lower surface sliding angle, making maintenance washes effortless.

Salt Protection

Salt water boat enthusiasts can rest easy knowing DuraSlic protects against salt corrosion. DuraSlic coatings can be applied to gel coats, paint, and base aluminum to protect your vessel from harsh rusting,

UV Resistance

There’s nothing wrong with some fun in the sun. However, boats are exposed to the elements just as much if not more than people are. A long day on the water can be harmful to a ship, and DuraSlic’s chemistry is tailor-made to resist harsh UV rays.

Easy to Apply

Marine vehicles can vary wildly: jet skis, small fishing boats, pontoons, speedboats, and yachts. Each has their own unique needs and each has difficult edges, surfaces, and spots to reach. With DuraSlic’s easy to apply coating format, application has never been easier. Spend more time out on the water.

Through DuraSlic’s detailer network and restless lab testing, we are confident in our coating’s ability to perform in a marine setting. While DuraSlic was originally focused on automotive, the network has expanded into areas with installers that specialize and have experience in marine detailing. Therefore, they need a professional grade marine ceramic coating. As always, the chemistry team is ready to meet the challenge.

DuraSlic ceramic coatings and ancillary products have been developed in partnership with the world’s leading detailers. Products are thoroughly tested in the laboratory using industry standard test procedures as well as proprietary methods unique to the ceramic coatings market. DuraSlic ceramic coatings are developed and tested to withstand the rigors of real-world conditions. Hardness, adhesion, scrub resistance, hydrophobicity, oleophobicity, roll-off angle, gloss and other important parameters are measured.

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