Speedcoat Ceramic Spray

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Quality Ingredients deliver superior performance! Not all ceramic sprays are the same.

DuraSlic SpeedCoat Ceramic Spray is an easy-to-use professional grade coating which adds incredible gloss, hydrophobicity and protection from the elements making maintenance a breeze. If you can’t feel the difference during application, then you aren’t paying attention.  Water-based doesn’t have to mean watered down. Applying this advanced spray gives your ride the premium gloss and shine it deserves, without any of the hassle. Contaminants like dirt and bugs are ancient history. 

Time is money, but your reputation is everything.  Make sure you use products you can count on. SpeedCoat is a top-shelf finishing touch to any detail job or act as a booster to a previously installed ceramic coating, like DuraSlic 1500. Adding this product to a detailing arsenal can ensure customers return for that slick final product.

Check out some of Speedcoat’s features:

    • Ridiculous Gloss
    • Outstanding Hydrophobics
    • Makes maintenance washes a breeze
    • Easy-to-apply spray format
    • Eco-friendly formula



A: Yes, it will add extra hydrophobic properties.

A: All painted surfaces, trim and rims.

A: As often as you would like to add gloss, depth, and shine.

A: Yes, it is available in 16oz, 32oz and gallon sizes through our distributor locations.

A: Speedcoat features a high percent solids formula.

REFUND POLICY: All returns to DuraSlic require authorization. Please contact customer service. DuraSlic only accepts returns if the item/s are new and unopened, except in the case of known, verified and agreed upon manufacturing defect. Item/s must also be returned within 30 days of original delivery. Any kit or bundled item/s that are opened or missing parts are not refund eligible.


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Ceramic Spray for Professionals

DuraSlic Speedcoat Ceramic Spray is a detailer’s best friend. Formulated by our in-house chemistry team, Speedcoat was created to be a finishing touch to any detail job. The spray is very easy to apply and user-friendly, regardless of detailing experience. After going through the detailing process, add the cherry on top with this ceramic spray. Once the paint is ready, just spray, wipe, and buff! In just a short amount of time, Speedcoat ceramic spray can add eye-popping gloss, depth, and shine. On top of being a cutting-edge standalone spray, detailers can also use this as a booster for DuraSlic 1500. Adding this product to our 1500 coating provides premium paint shine and protection.
With proper care and maintenance, this product can last up to six months. We highly recommend detailers to take advantage of everything this great product has to offer. Add a little something extra when customers come in for a maintenance wash! This is a great opportunity for installers to grow their detailing business even further and offer more value to clients. DuraSlic understands the grind of the detailing world, and we’re here to make it as easy as possible with this product- no certification required.
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Additional Information
Weight1.2 lbs
Dimensions3 × 3 × 10 in

16oz, 1 gal

Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Speedcoat Ceramic Spray

  1. Lane Smith

    Five Stars. About time someone made a quality spray coating!!

  2. Lane Smith

    5 Stars. About time someone made a quality spray coating.

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