Ceramic Coating for RV and Motorhome

Our products are 100% compatible with RV’s and motorhomes.

DuraSlic’s products are far from one-trick ponies. While many see ceramic coatings as only having automotive applications, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The technology at DuraSlic’s disposal allows for a wide range of uses. We didn’t forget about the big vehicles.

UV Resistance

RVs and motorhomes take in plenty of sun as it is. Unlike DuraSlic, the UV rays from the sun aren’t exactly paint-friendly. Recreational vehicles deserve to keep their gloss too.


We don’t stop at water. Our ceramic coating goes one step further to repel oil-based liquids. RV’s and motorhomes are exposed to all kinds of oils and saps. DuraSlic’s chemistry is engineered to resist the elements of the outdoors.

Scratch Resistance

Nothing is more heartbreaking than seeing scratches from trees in the campground. Putting on our ceramic coating benefits your paint’s resistance to scratches that can ruin the look. 10H hardness comes standard in our products, so you’re getting the best the market has to offer.

Easy to Clean

With DuraSlic, cleaning your camper has never been easier. Thanks to our hydrophobic and oleophobic technology, dirt, mud, bugs, and other grime are no match for your paint. Cleaning a large vehicle like a motorhome has never been easier.

The Innovation Center’s coatings team has an extensive knowledge base in ceramic technology and drive the continuous expansion of the DuraSlic band. Due to its central location, advanced research is conducted in partnership with leading universities.

DuraSlic ceramic coatings and ancillary products have been developed in partnership with the world’s leading detailers. Products are thoroughly tested in the laboratory using industry standard test procedures as well as proprietary methods unique to the ceramic coatings market. DuraSlic ceramic coatings are developed and tested to withstand the rigors of real-world conditions. Hardness, adhesion, scrub resistance, hydrophobicity, oleophobicity, roll-off angle, gloss and other important parameters are measured.

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