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It’s time to take things up a notch. Become a distributor of DuraSlic ceramic coatings and car care products and see the growth your supply store deserves. DuraSlic distributors have the exclusive ability to sell products for a better rate than retail, incentivizing detailers to come to you.

At DuraSlic, we take pride in giving our network all the support it needs. Distributors have access to cases of product, support, and the opportunity to bring in more business by hosting Ceramic Coating Certification.

Ceramic coatings are quickly becoming more of a staple in detail shops. As the industry evolves from waxes and polishes, nanoceramic tech is more common every day. The overall ceramic coating market is growing in the billions year over year, and the automotive sector is the second largest industry in the market, closely following industrial goods.

Make no mistake. This is not “just another ceramic coating company” trying to sell you the same stuff with a shiny new label. We are a long-term technology solution that evolves alongside both your business and the industry.

Things you get when you become a distributor:


  • Outstanding support from industry experts
  • Access to a real technology partner
  • Competitive pricing
  • Ceramic Coating Certification hosting opportunities
  • Access to full line of premium products
  • Opportunity to partake in product research and development
  • Distributor protection – we make sure nobody is stepping on your toes!
  • Lead referral

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Hear what distributors are saying about DuraSlic.

“Certification with DuraSlic was great! It helped me grow as a distributor and it was great to help out these detailers!”

Ryan Siler, Siler Sales

“Overall, the course was outstanding… I feel like I have a leading product and we’re going to grow because of it.”

Al Carter, Yeager Detailing Supplies

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