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Often times in the ceramic coating industry there is a lot of duplication. Company A buys a product from Company B, and resells it to Company C. Pretty packaging, different slogan, slick video. Same recycled inferior product. We started this company to be different; to change the industry and raise the expectations. What does that mean? DuraSlic coatings offer the most hydrophobic, oleophobic, robust and long-lasting ceramic protection available. But how long will it last? On DuraSlic offers comprehensive real-world data to support our performance claims. Don’t be fooled all ceramic coatings are not the same. We do the research, we do the tests, we provide the data. Why? Your customer’s surface matters. At DuraSlic, we want to help you grow and we know the first and most important step is to arm you with the best product to help your company shine.

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Working with DuraSlic means working with the most knowledgable ceramic coating chemists in the world; not re-formulators, re-packagers, or re-branders of everyday (or me-too) products. DuraSlic Ceramic Coatings are powered by award winning NanoSlic chemistry.

Become a ceramic coating installer
What is a ceramic coating?

Hyrdrophobicity after 1,000 scrubs

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The industry is ready for disruption and DuraSlic ceramic coatings are quickly defining a new class of ceramic coatings. Our business model was built and developed by professionals in the detail industry to ensure not only the best products but to elevate your business and add to your bottom line.

  • We are data driven and constantly improving
  • Support network to help detailers do what they do best
  • We offer full applications, tech support, and demonstration facilities
  • Pricing structure so distributors and detailers can grow their business
  • Hands on training for detailers and distributors including application details specific to DuraSlic coatings, training on how to boost your detailing company’s business like you never imagined

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