Ceramic Sprays Breakdown: FlowX vs Speedcoat

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Ceramic Sprays Breakdown: FlowX vs Speedcoat

Ceramic Spray Breakdown: FlowX vs Speedcoat

Not every “ceramic spray” is the same. What’s the difference in our products?


It’s a question that is asked extremely frequently: “you have two different ceramic sprays, what’s the difference?”


There’s more than one difference. Let’s break it down.


Difference in Materials

Starting with the ingredients: FlowX and Speedcoat are formulated with different bases. FlowX is a true, solvent-based coating like DuraSlic 1500 or DuraSlic Xtreme. The same chemicals that are in true ceramic coatings can be found in FlowX. On the other hand, Speedcoat is an advanced water-based coating. There are dozens of water-based coatings on the market these days, but this one is set apart by quality chemistry. It uses a custom-designed polymer backbone to provide more hydrophobicity and longer lasting properties. Just because it’s water-based doesn’t mean it’s low quality. Detailers can feel the difference during application. Speedcoat is at a pretty high percent solids, so it will last a lot longer and will be much thicker, so it gives better gloss. Both are very easy to apply, but detailers will be working with different chemistry in each spray.

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Tools for Every Situation

The DuraSlic team carefully designed each of these ceramic sprays to be not only easy, but versatile. Speedcoat can be used to finish off any detail job to quickly add all of that signature DuraSlic shine and protection. This spray was made for maintenance washes to become even better. It can also top off DuraSlic 1500 for a boost in performance. Versatility is key, and Speedcoat delivers on all fronts. FlowX also boasts its own versatile attributes. FlowX incorporates cross-linking technology, meaning it can chemically adheres with any ceramic coating. No matter what coating was applied to a vehicle, FlowX can make it even better. This ceramic spray also introduces SuperSlic technology, which adds a slick-to-the-touch feel.

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“But How Long Does It Last?”

Another frequently asked question. The short answer is that Speedcoat is a 6-month coating and FlowX is a 1-year solution. The detailed answer is that while Speedcoat will last 6 months on its own, it can significantly boost the longevity of DuraSlic 1500. The same can be said for FlowX. One year on its own is only scratching the surface. FlowX creates a cross-linking bond to any preexisting ceramic coating. Got a 5 year coating installed? FlowX is tagging along. 7 years? You’ve got FlowX for 7 years.


Both of these products can get the job done. It’s just a matter of the needs of the detailer. Regardless of said needs, DuraSlic chemistry has you covered.