Ceramic Coating Certification

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Get with the best for Ceramic Coating Certification! Join trained detailing professionals for a chance to join our fast-growing network of detailers. Getting DuraSlic certified is a great way to add take your detailing business to the next level. This also grants you exclusive access to our top-of-the-line ceramic coating: DuraSlic Xtreme.

At certification, we show you how our products work and how to sell a coating to your customers. Our industry experts led by Brian Finn have over two decades of experience in the detailing industry and are eager to help get you on track.

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There’s plenty to learn at Ceramic Coating Certification:


  • Paint Prep Review
  • Understanding Ceramic Coatings
  • Introduction to DuraSlic
  • How to apply DuraSlic Coatings
  • How to sell a coating to your customer
  • Growing your business with DuraSlic
  • Utilizing DuraSlic’s resources
  • Using other DuraSlic products
  • Utilizing CarFax
  • Setting up a warranty program

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This is the next step in your detailing career!

Ceramic Coating Certification is the best way to level up your business. The ceramic coating space is growing so fast that detailers are scrambling to add to their arsenal. There’s plenty of coatings on the market, but DuraSlic is built to stand out. Crafted from the ground up to tailor to the professionals, our in-house chemistry team strives to turn the coating market upside down.

When you’re certified, you gain exclusive access to the best ceramic coating on the market in DuraSlic Xtreme. Xtreme’s hybrid technology lasts on paint up to 7 years. We’ll show you how it works and how you can sell it to your customers who won’t settle for anything less than the best. Not only that, but you’ll get access to big-time discounts on all DuraSlic products so you can see a bigger profit from your hard work.

We know that time is money, especially in this line of work. You’ll get to learn firsthand how easy DuraSlic products are to work with and how much time you’ll save!

Our Detailer Network grows every single day, but we’re a tight-knit bunch. Our network members take pride in supporting each other. Once you’re certified, you’re in.

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Hear what detailers are saying about Ceramic Coating Certification.

“Certification with DuraSlic was great! It helped me grow as a distributor and it was great to help out these detailers!”

Ryan Siler, Siler Sales

“Overall, the course was outstanding… I feel like I have a leading product and we’re going to grow because of it.”

Al Carter, Yeager Detailing Supplies

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