Top 5 Uses for Glass Prep and Panel Wipe

Top 5 Uses for Glass Prep and Panel Wipe

DuraSlic Glass Prep & Panel Wipe, our professional grade surface prep spray, was developed to create the ideal bonding environment for our hybrid ceramic coatings DS 1500 and DS 1500 Xtreme. But wait, there’s more! Over time, we’ve been learning that detailers are using this product for things other than just glass and panel, and we want to make sure our network is in the loop! Glass Prep & Panel Wipe removes all contaminants including old waxes, sealants, polish, oils, and grease. It is highly effective in cleaning glass, rubber and plastic surfaces and will leave no residue, so now’s the time to take it through the rest of your shop.

This versatile product boasts industrial strength cleaning elements to remove even the toughest impurities. Glass Prep and Panel Wipe goes further than its name suggests.

Check out these top five uses from a detailer who makes sure his shop is equipped with this product:

1. Glass 

Ain’t nobody got time for streaks! Streak free in less time….every time

2. Panels

You know this one already…remove all wax, tar, and compound from trim, body, and panels in preparation for coating with Xtreme

3. Rim

Decon alloy and steel rims with ease so you can deliver superior quality 

4. Interior

We know you want your interior to always be so fresh and so clean…wipe down your dash, cupholders, and more

5. Around the Shop!

Keep your surfaces spotless so you can focus on detailing the car at hand

As you can see, this product can be used for many things, and adding it to your toolkit might be your next best move!