Product Spotlight: Don’t Sleep On Speedcoat

speedcoat ceramic spray

Product Spotlight: Don’t Sleep On Speedcoat

There’s plenty of myths in the automotive industry. The one we hear the most is the idea of a “lifetime” ceramic coating. We hate to burst the bubble, but no such coating exists (yet…). For now, DuraSlic 1500 lasts up to 5 years while DuraSlic Xtreme can last up to 7 with recommended care and maintenance! We know that our coating will meet the needs of professional detailers, but how can we make it even better? How can we boost the performance year over year?


Our dedicated formulation chemists have developed a solution, literally. DuraSlic Speedcoat is the best topper for our DuraSlic 1500 Ceramic Coating. Available in an easy-to-apply spray format, Speedcoat is the best way to give long-term ceramic coatings a performance boost. Applying a vehicle with a ceramic coating is an investment in its paint protection. Speedcoat is designed to maintain paint depth, gloss,  shine, and hydrophobicity during the ceramic coating’s lifespan. The application process is very easy!


Adding a topper to a ceramic coating is overlooked by many vehicle owners. Unfortunately, after their ride has been coated, many do not practice proper vehicle maintenance. Without proper care, ceramic coatings will never see optimal performance. Speedcoat is a great and easy solution to restoring performance. Think of it as a supplement to a healthy diet! We recommend topping with Speedcoat 2 weeks after initial coating and during maintenance wash 8-12 months after initial coating. Don’t overlook boosting performance, keep protecting your ride and your ceramic investment!

Not only that, but we believe that Speedcoat can go toe-to-toe with many non-professional grade coatings on the market. Not only as a topper, but a standalone product. So even if you’re not in the market for a high-grade, long-term ceramic coating… we’ve got you covered.