DS 1500 Xtreme – Pan Promotion

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DuraSlic DS 1500 Xtreme is a revolutionary permanent ceramic nanocoating based on the world’s most advanced ceramic technology. DS 1500 Xtreme is the world’s first wipe-on ceramic coating that offers a high level of both hydrophobicity and oleophobicity. It can be applied to painted, coated and base metal surfaces, glass and plastics, to impart an unprecedented level of protection from water, chemicals, UV and corrosion. Furthermore, DS 1500 Xtreme is a multi-layerable formula that enables the user to boost the level of protection during the working window.


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A: It depends on your environment. In a humid area, it can flash almost right away. In a more arid climate, it can take up to a minute.

A: A seasoned installer can get 2 cars with one 30 mil bottle.