Prepping for the Spring Rush: 5 Quick Tips

Spring Rush

Prepping for the Spring Rush: 5 Quick Tips

The clock has sprung forward and we’re officially into the warmer months! For some detailers, the changing of the seasons isn’t a huge deal. For others, it means it’s time for a business boom. Many detailers in colder regions see a busy season once the winter is over. The spring rush is upon us, and it’s never a bad idea to be prepared. Here are five quick reminders to keep your shop ready to roll!


Spring Cleaning

Detailers are naturally good cleaners, so this one may seem like a no-brainer. But a shop refresh never hurts, especially before a busy season. Take time to get organized and wipe the extra grime out of the floors and doors. Make sure every tool and product has a spot on the rack. Is your floor clean? The snow and mud of the winter tends to linger without a squeegee and mop. Spring is all about a refresh, so stay with the times!

Spring Rush

April (Snow) Showers…

Any detailer that lives in a higher altitude will tell you that just because the season has changed, doesn’t mean the weather has. It’s very common for higher elevations to receive wet, heavy snowstorms in the spring months. Many detailers in these areas know all too well about how quick customers can be to cancel when they check the weather. Be sure to set your expectations for some of these days to pop up.

Spring Fever

Spring fever is in the air, and fanatics are getting the itch to get out on the road! Now is a great time to get the word out about your detailing business! Get active on social media and get the word out! There are plenty of people wanting their own personal refresher on their ride. Who better than your business to satisfy a customer?

Staff Check

A question that faces many businesses these days: are you staffed well enough to take care of business? No detail shop can take advantage of a boom without the hands to do so. Now is a great time to evaluate your numbers and personnel. Is it time to restructure? Time to hire? Make sure to take a good long look at your staff to ensure you’re prepared.


In Stock

Is your shop properly stocked? No detail shop can function properly without supply. Don’t get get caught shorthanded this spring, make sure you’re prepped and ready to go with nothing but the best in paint protection! Make the most of the spring rush!