November Detailer Spotlight: Myron Pierce

November Detailer Spotlight: Myron Pierce

Meet the King of Detailing TikTok!

Myron Pierce has nearly two decades of detailing experience on two coasts and two Washington’s. Hailing from the tri-cities area in Washington state, Myron has always been a car guy. When he turned 18, he purchased a ’73 Challenger and went to automotive school in his native state. Since he knew he wanted to detail cars, he moved out to the east coast and established his first detailing business in 2003. After compiling countless connections and experiences over more than ten years, it was time to head home. In 2017, Tri Cities Detail opened up in West Richland, WA.  Not long after that, Myron joined the DuraSlic team. To this day, he’s still running his shop and is one of two master distributors for DuraSlic! He also happens to be a TikTok guru- check out his detailing content on @tricitiesdetail!

Company Name: Tri Cities Detail

Company Location: West Richland, WA

# of Years in Business: 18

Detailing Philosophy: If you aren’t doing something for your business today your competition is!


Why you love owning and operating your business: I love  giving a customer a solution and educating customers on long-term and proper care of their vehicle and seeing their amazement in before and after of their vehicle.


Which DS product is your favorite and why: Xtreme, not only is it a profitable coating for a detail shop but also extremely easy to apply and backed by science instead of hype.


The coolest car you’ve worked on: McLaren 720s  Twin Turbo Viper, Bentleys, Rolls Royce


What you do when you’re not at the shop: Not sure when that is.. lol I play with my dog, go hiking and spend time with family!


Check out some of Myron’s TikTok Content below!

@tricitiesdetail##stitch with @eastonuniversity A wise man once said ##ceramiccoating ##tricitiesdetail ##duraslic♬ original sound – auto detailing coach

@tricitiesdetailModel Y getting ceramic coated and glass as well ##ceramiccoating ##duraslic ##tricitiesdetail ##teslamodely♬ So Fresh, So Clean – Outkast

@tricitiesdetailRam TRX has some amazing power! Protected with the best! ##ramtrx2021 ##tricitiesdetail♬ Tokyo Drift – Xavier Wulf