How to Use Ceramic Spray

How to Use Ceramic Spray

Ceramic coating performance is important to us all. So is versatility. DuraSlic is constantly striving to advance the performance of our coating technology. That brings up a question many detailers ask: “how can I boost ceramic coating performance?” The chemistry team at DuraSlic has the perfect solution to boost every key aspect of a coating: gloss, slickness, and durability. Speedcoat, DuraSlic’s ceramic spray, is making detailer’s lives easier. Speedcoat has been carefully crafted to be easy to use, so detailers are once again saving time and money. Not only does this spray boost ceramic coating performance, but it can also act as an entry-level standalone coating. It’s the ultimate finishing touch to any detail job. Check out our simple step-by-step guide on how to use Speedcoat.

Prep is the Key

As with any coating application, the surface needs to be correctly prepped for application. Make sure to take the time to get the surface decontaminated and free of any impurities on the paint. All coatings are going to be limited if applied to a contaminated surface. Don’t hinder the technology, prep the surface. The goal here is to get the vehicle’s surface as contaminant-free as possible. If the paint is already coated, a quick maintenance wash will do. If the paint doesn’t have a coating, we recommend going the extra mile.


Smoothing the Surface

After finishing the decontamination process, it’s time to break out the clay. Grab your clay lube and clay bar/clay pad and get the surface to be as smooth as possible. Next, grab two microfiber towels and a bottle of Panel Prep. Dampen your towel with panel prep and lightly mist the surface with the spray. Lightly wipe the surface with the damp towel until the surface is completely clean. Then, grab the second, dry microfiber towel and lightly buff out any remaining smears on the paint. Note: If the surface is already coated, do NOT use a clay bar!

Applying Speedcoat

Now that the surface is ready for application, it’s time to put Speedcoat on. Just like with the Panel Prep, grab two more clean microfiber towels. Take one and spray Speedcoat directly on to towel #1. Next, be sure to spray a light mist of Speedcoat onto the panel itself. Now, grab the wet towel and lay down the coating on the surface. Be consistent and go in a clear pattern, working one panel at a time. Note: for outdoor application, be mindful of your climate!

Boost Ceramic Coating


Finishing Touches

For the final step in the process, grab your second microfiber towel. Make sure this one is completely dry. Without wiping too quickly, begin to polish the coated surface. Be sure to eliminate all of the haze left over, and the shine in the surface will show. Once the shine is back, the job is done.

How to use ceramic spray


With Speedcoat now applied, give it a chance to cure for about an hour. Just from applying this spray, any preexisting ceramic coating is going to see a boost in slickness and durability. This spray is a game-changer for detailers. Whether it be a maintenance wash or a new customer, Speedcoat is taking things to the next level. Detailers should take advantage of Speedcoat’s properties during maintenance washes with their customer. It’s a chance for a mutual benefit! Don’t miss out, maximize your arsenal.

Still need help? Check out our video tutorial.