How to Stay Busy During the Offseason

How to Stay Busy During the Offseason

It’s only slow if you let it be slow…

We’re another week closer to the dead of winter, meaning the dreaded “slow season” is fast approaching for the detailing world. People are closing up their garages and throwing the dust covers on their ride. That means detailers may not see as many cars come through the shop as they’d like. However, there is still room for opportunity in your shop! Check out some of our favorite ways to stay busy during the auto detailing offseason!


Promote to the Procrastinators!

Plainly put, some people just put things off. There are plenty of people that want to get their car detailed and coated, but have procrastinated scheduling an appointment. Now is the best time to go after these potential clients! Remind them of the heaps of benefits that come with a detail and coating job! Give them piece of mind that no matter what elements their car is in this winter, it will be ready to roll at any time.


Pre-Spring Cleaning

We’re moving out of the busy season, like we said. Since you’ve been hard at work doing coating jobs and growing your business, have you really had time to look around your shop? Is it as clean as you’d like it to be, or as clean as it should be? Now’s the time to find out! Sure, it’s picked up at end of every day, but how dirty are the floors? When was the last time your windows were wiped down? Are your tools organized, or are they scattered around the shop? Cleaning and organizing is a great refresher and it helps keep your shop running at top efficiency. A healthy shop is a happy shop!


An Honest Assessment

In business, it’s always important to asses how the shop is doing. How many coating jobs are you doing a day? How long is each one taking? Are we quoting jobs the right way? Am I doing enough to sell and market my business? These are just some of the questions you should be asking yourself during this part of the year, and be honest! You’ll only see the improvement you’re looking for if you be completely honest with yourself and your shop. We know you’re grinding, now make it pay off!


Get to Know Your Employees

Not only have you been working your tail off, your employees have too! Without people, no business can succeed. Getting more personable and getting to know your shop hands better will show that you genuinely care for them. The relationship between you and your team is crucial to shop success, so do your best to strengthen it! Knowing your team’s strengths and weaknesses will help you assess where you’re at with the business. Create a culture of family and success so people want to stick around for the long haul. 


How About A Team Day?

Speaking of boosting morale, when’s the last time your shop had a team bonding day? Take a slow day and take the team out for pizza and bowling! They’re hard at work detailing cars day in and day out, same as you! Myron, our master distributor out in Washington state, does this periodically with his team at Tri Cities Detail to great success! This is a great way to ensure your team is feeling good and knows they have a leader that cares for them.

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Expand Your Audience!

Just because people aren’t driving their two-door convertibles during the winter doesn’t mean they’re aren’t coatings to be done! Shift your focus to trucks and jeeps that will take a beating during the cold months. Think outside the box and try to coat ATV’s and snowmobiles! Keep adding to your toolbox and skillset to bring in a steady stream of clients, no matter the season! DuraSlic 1500 and DuraSlic Xtreme are up to any coating job you are!