How to Get Started in Detailing – Brian Finn’s Story

How to Get Started in Detailing – Brian Finn’s Story

How DuraSlic’s in-house detailing expert turned a hobby into a career.

How did I get started in the detailing industry?  After 28 years, I still wonder that question myself! My career has taken me all over the country, and I’ve gotten to experience so much cool stuff.

Discovering a Talent

My first car that I ever cleaned was my father’s brand spankin’ new, Chevrolet Cavalier Z-24 with red, single stage paint. He woke me up one Saturday morning and gave me 2 choices: clean our kitchen or wash and wax his car. Since I wasn’t a fan of dishes, I chose the car.

The car was small, but I worked on that car for the better part of Saturday and when it was done my father came out to inspect it. He was blown away and he said to me “Brian, you really have a touch for this work you might be able to do something with this talent.”

Learning the Craft… the hard way

As a kid, I washed and cleaned several family members and neighbors’ vehicles.  This led to my first job with a mobile detail company in Southern California, which didn’t last long. I was fired on my first day for waxing a car with leather lotion instead of wax.

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Meeting a Mentor

My next detailing position was with a Cadillac dealership. Around this time I was introduced to Javier. He mentored by a great detailer named Javier. I think every detailer needs someone like that in order to really develop their skills. He took me under his wing, showed me how to detail cars the right way, and instilled in me the importance of having pride in my work. Learning under Javier showed me that I could be successful in the detailing industry if I just put in the hard work.

how to get started in detailling

Trust in the Hard Work

Over the years, I’ve had tremendous ups and downs in the detailing industry, just like most detailers. I’ve put in countless hours to master my skills and learn new skills.  For any detailer out there struggling to achieve success, you must always keep on pushing through, learn more and build a great support network. I’ve been in your shoes, and I know it’s hard to not give up! But, if you stick with it, you can achieve great things.  When I started detailing, I thought it was a “nowhere” job. Now, I have become the IDA 2022 Detailer of the Year, an honor only five people get. I’m also an RIT with the IDA, a title only 38 people hold. I have an amazing role with DuraSlic that has changed my life completely. I’ve met people that I would never have been able to if I would have given up when the times got tough.

how to get started in detailing