Distributing Automotive Ceramic Coatings with DuraSlic

Distributing Automotive Ceramic Coatings with DuraSlic

What can a ceramic coating do for an auto detailing distribution business?

Let’s talk about the future of the ceramic coatings market.

DuraSlic has always taken pride in being a brand backed by data. From day one, data has been the driving force behind our ability to create products that are a cut above the rest. Because of that, we have been able to help both distributors and detailers elevate their businesses and grow their profits.

So how do we do it? It goes back to data. Let’s take a look.

When looking at the market for ceramic coatings, there is a large, healthy, and growing space.

As seen in the graphic above, the entire ceramic coating market was valued as a multi-billion dollar industry, and is forecasted to steadily grow into the 2030s. The estimated growth rate for the industry (CAGR) is 7.8% by the turn of the new decade. It’s safe to say that ceramic coating technology isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The market is only going to get bigger, and so is the demand.

Ceramic Coatings in the Automotive Industry

This technology has a wide range of applications, but how does all this market talk translate into the automotive industry? It’s worth mentioning that despite the market’s diversity, the automotive industry boasts the second largest share.

ceramic coating market

As more detailers ditch wax and switch to ceramic coatings, the opportunity for detailing supply distributors grows. What kind of benefits can distributors see from distributing DuraSlic?

Talking DuraSlic Data

With ceramic coatings on the rise throughout the industry, more customers are demanding a better solution to protect their vehicle’s paint. The demand is forcing detailers to look into ceramic coating options. So what makes DuraSlic different? Once again, it’s back to the data.

Ceramic Coating market


DuraSlic’s scrub and contact angle tests show that our in-house chemistry is among the best in the ceramic coating market. The technology has impressed detailers all around the world. From a distributor’s perspective, offering a quality product to a customer base can be a game-changer.

Growing Your Business with DuraSlic

How can offering DuraSlic to detailers grow a distribution business? Having a supporting network is a great starting point. Once a distributor is on board, DuraSlic supports them in every way we can:

  • Event hosting
  • Massive discounts on products and high profit margins
  • Exclusive ability to purchase cases of product
  • Opportunity to participate in research and development process
  • Support from research & development team and industry experts
  • Geo-targeted ad campaigns for customers

Having a leading ceramic coating like DuraSlic Xtreme can be a crucial anchor for a distribution business. Working with DuraSlic can open up opportunities to sell other product lines to our installers. Distributors get the best possible pricing when purchasing any DuraSlic product, which allows distributors to control their pricing.

For example, hosting a ceramic coating certification event will not only bring in new clients, but re-buyers of DuraSlic products. Distributors can offer better pricing than anything offered on our website. We do this so distributors capture as much business as possible.

Check out what our distributor in Michigan had to say about coming aboard and hosting an event!

There’s no time like the present to become a distributor with us. Our network is constantly growing, and we want to support our distributors by offering them as much business as possible. Let’s grow together.