Detailer Spotlight – Corinna Oleyek & Diamond Pro Detailing

Detailer Spotlight – Corinna Oleyek & Diamond Pro Detailing

Another Diamond standard within the DuraSlic Detailer Network! Corinna is a savvy businesswoman originally hailing from Quebec, Canada. She takes pride in going above and beyond in any venture she takes on, whether in her detailing business or her jewelry company. She’s currently located in Boca Raton, Florida. Corinna and her team can be found on Instagram @diamondprofessionaldetailing!


Company Name:  Diamond Professional Detailing, LLC

Company Location: Boca Raton, Florida


# of Years in Business: Over 30


Detailing Philosophy: Don’t do it simply because of your work, but because it’s your passion and pride. Exceed Client Expectation.

Why you love owning and operating your business: I love anything  high-performance, whether cars, boats, airplanes, jet helicopters  or motorcycles…the list goes on. I enjoy watching the transformations from less than desirable  to an end product that wows the client, myself or the audience.

Which DS product is your favorite and why:  DS1500 Xtreme.  As I also use this product for my Jewelry business (requiring utmost detail and end product quality and durability), My client base is high end with an expectation of excellence and detail, and therefore I prefer to give them the highest quality service and product.  This is what keeps my clients coming back in both industries.

The coolest car you’ve worked on: Rothmans Porsche race team cars in the late 80s but have one coming up that I can’t wait to get my hands on: Auburn Boattail Speedster 851 Replica

What you do when you’re not at the shop:  Funny question, I rarely stop…and when I do, I run away and escape for a day or 2 to disconnect and decompress by the beach at a resort.  Am the lucky recipient of workaholic Genes.