5 Ways to Boost Social Media Engagement

5 Ways to Boost Social Media Engagement

Here at DuraSlic, we are committed to supporting our detailer network in any way we can. That means that we’re also here to help you shine on social media. Here are five hand-picked tips to help you see the growth that you desire!


Tip #1- Put out engaging and pertinent content to boost social media

It’s no secret that everyone is trying to gain visibility on social platforms. The problem is, not everyone posts interesting and engaging content. Standing out and growing on platforms like Instagram and Facebook is often a matter of having engaging content to watch on news feeds. Instead of snapping a quick photo of tire shine, maybe take time to record a higher quality video of the application process on a sports car. Additionally, capturing the hydrophobic and oleophobic properties of DuraSlic by showing water beading off the paint is more impactful than a stand alone photo of the paint. Keep this in mind when capturing content for your social platforms.


Tip #2 – Boosting social media means being interactive and responsive

Interacting with your followers is crucial to having a long-term relationship with your network. Having a genuine connection with followers, customers, or fans is not only a good look, but helps your page stand out from the rest. It encourages followers to engage with your content instead of scrolling by. For example, let’s say you just posted a beautiful video on Facebook and Instagram using suggestions from Tip #1, when others comment something positive under the post, be sure to like and respond to them. This will show that your company has authentic appreciation for customers, followers and fans.


Tip #3 – A/B test messages

Not every post may turn out how you want, and not every post may do as well as you want. Some content may see better engagement than others for various reasons. Maybe your followers like slo-mo videos of applying a coating more than a photo of the final product. Pay close attention to what posts are seeing healthy growth and engagement. Continue to see what works and what doesn’t, and continue to refine your strategy from there. 


Tip #4 – Make each platform unique

It should be noted that not every social media platform is the same. Twitter has a very different structure and format compared to something like Instagram, which is more photo and video focused than text. This is an opportunity to have a unique reach across different platforms. Your Facebook and Instagram can be used for photo and video content, while Twitter can be used as an update platform with more frequent updates. 


Tip #5 – Be patient! (And consistent!)

Like any kind of real, sustainable growth, any boost social media strategy takes time! It is unrealistic to expect massive amounts of growth in a short period of time. Continue to refine your strategy, be creative with your content, and be genuine with your interactions. The more time you spend mastering your platforms and content, the more your followers will grow. With our tips to help you hit the ground running, you are already in a better position than most. 


Happy Posting From DuraSlic!