3 Tips when Quoting Detailing Services

3 Tips when Quoting Detailing Services

Quoting detailing services can be tricky, no matter the level of detailing experience.  

Tip 1 – Package Services

To make customer’s decisions easier, detailers need to establish a well-defined service menu and package. When selling a la carte services, it can be confusing to customers and may put detailers in a tough situation when it comes to meeting expectations. Most of the time, there is a process that must be followed depending on the detail job and offering a la carte services will not allow detailers to maximize their time. Creating a set of complete packages allows the customer to choose their level of “detail” without becoming overwhelmed with options.

Tip 2 – See the Vehicle in Person

Another tip prior to starting a job, would be to invite your customer to bring in their vehicle for a visual inspection prior to quoting their detailing package. Many factors will determine the level of detail needed and it is best to be able to see the vehicle in person to quote properly. If you are not able to see the car in person, it is very important to ask as many questions as you can regarding the current vehicle condition and the customer’s expectation before quoting their package.

Tip 3 – Base Pricing

Define a base starting price. Every job will be different, and some are going to be more labor intensive than others. It is important to create a base starting price so that no matter what vehicle comes into your garage, you will always have some margin built into every job. By creating base pricing for Small, Medium, Large or Extra-Large size vehicles, you will be able to make money no matter the condition.

After your base pricing has been established for every size vehicle, you can then evaluate the condition of the interior and exterior. i.e Is it cloth or leather? Are there food/drink spills? Pet hair? We suggest creating Tiers or Levels for different conditions, so you are not losing money on a vehicle that is in poor condition. When it comes to exterior detail, there are some factors that will determine how intensive your detail needs to be. i.e. Is the vehicle a dark or light color? How often does the owner wash? What washing methods do they utilize? Touchless? Brushes?

Is there any pre-existing damage? Has the vehicle been repainted? Are there Rock chips? What else will be required to recondition the vehicle surface prior to installing a ceramic coating? This will determine your final cost for reconditioning.


A professional detailer and ceramic coating installer should know exactly what they are worth time wise when it comes to their services. Cheap selling services to try to acquire customers will result in very bad business and most likely going out of business. Building value into your services and brand is the best way to acquire life-long customers and maintain a profitable business, and it all starts with properly quoting detailing services.