5 Reasons to Join Our Detailer Network

5 Reasons to Join Our Detailer Network

At DuraSlic, we’re always encouraging detailers to get certified and join our network. At our core, we want detailers to grow into their full potential. Adding a ceramic coating as great as ours can take your business to new heights. We’re committed to strengthening our detailer network every single day in order to help detailers take the next step. If you’re new here or you’re on the fence, here are five reasons to join our fast-growing network.

On the Map

All of our certified network detailers are placed onto our detailer map. We want to give you as much business exposure as possible. When someone is in need of a detailer in their area, they can go to our Find a Detailer map and find your shop!

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Strong Support System

In many ways, our detailer network is like a family. Only fellow detailers truly understand the grind of this business. It helps to have support along the way! We have detailers from around the country supporting one another every day. We have customer support that has multiple decades of experience. With our network, you never detail alone. It’s always so great to see our network working together to solve problems! On social media, our network is always uplifting to one another. It makes us all better at the end of the day.

Big-Time Discounts

Like we said earlier, being in our network saves you time and money. Once you’re certified, you get access to all of our revolutionary products- at a lower price than everyone else. This is a great way to add even more profit to your shop.

Detailer Portal

You’re never without resources in our network. Certification with DuraSlic grants you exclusive access to our Detailer Portal on our website. Inside the portal, you’ll find guides, marketing materials, and the ability to register your coating jobs with CarFax. On top of all of that, the Portal is the easiest way to re-up on DuraSlic products. Your membership discount will automatically be applied when you order!

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Access to a professional-grade Ceramic Coating

Our top-tier, professional-grade ceramic coating, DuraSlic Xtreme, is only available to network detailers. We make our best product exclusive to ensure that it’s only in the hands of professionals. Xtreme’s properties and capabilities are among the best the ceramic coating market has to offer. It’s backed by data and created by our chemistry team here in the United States. Xtreme is built to be very easy to work with and apply, saving your business time and money.

There’s no better time than the present. Get certified and join our network today!