September Detailer Spotlight – Bulletproof Bubbles

September Detailer Spotlight – Bulletproof Bubbles

Headed to Huntsville for the September Detailer Spotlight!


Delwin Jackson is an Alabama native and passionate Auburn Tigers fan. His detail shop, Bulletproof Bubbles, is more than a catchy name. Delwin is a passionate detailer and has an eye for quality. We’re proud to have installers like him in the Detailer Network! We cannot recommend him enough to the Huntsville, AL area!


Company Name: Bulletproof Bubbles Ceramic Coatings

Company Location: 503 Eastbrook Cir NW Huntsville, AL 35811

# of Years in Business: 2


Detailing Philosophy:  A protected vehicle makes life that much easier

Why you love owning and operating your business: After 15 years in the engineering industry I was looking for a new found spark in life then fell in love with applying ceramic coatings. Now that I have been doing them for some time it’s all I want to do for the foreseeable future.



Which DS product is your favorite and why: DS1500 XTREME because of it’s hybrid oleophobic and hydrophobic nature. It seems to have a deeper gloss and tone than other coatings. And with the introduction of Flow X I think it will make it that much more unique.


The coolest car you’ve worked on: A 96 Impala SS Garage Queen with only 28K miles but with pretty scratched up paint. The 2nd owner had recently purchased it and wanted the paint restored and protected with the best I had. It was the 3rd vehicle he had brought to me, but by far it needed the most work. After the service was done it was put on display at a local Chevrolet dealership because of its pristine condition. There’s a video on my Facebook page and also YouTube you can check out.


What you do when you’re not at the shop: These days my time is extremely occupied. Unfortunately it’s not because I’m always in the shop. I’ve been struggling to get leads lately so I spend a lot of time doing a grocery delivery job to help supplement things until the business is fully developed. I initially started doing this in my driveway on the weekends. Just as things were getting really busy and I was thinking to grow the business full time I got laid off from my engineering job. That cleared the way to grow the business but now things have slowed down. I’m actually moving into my 1st facility next month. So you guys doing this detailer spotlight for me is really big. I need all the help I can get at this point. But when my lifestyle was normal I enjoyed weekend getaways with my wife and kids and anything sports related. Especially football and the Auburn Tigers! I also love to cook and absolutely love seafood. My favorite dish being gumbo! I’m from Mobile, Alabama so it’s in my blood to eat seafood!


Check out Delwin and Bulletproof Bubbles on Instagram (@bulletproof_bubbles) and get your ride feeling bulletproof today!