November Detailer Spotlight – Eagle Off-Road

November Detailer Spotlight – Eagle Off-Road

As the weather begins to turn, we head down to the Big Easy to introduce our spotlight detailer for November 2022. Tommy Tua and the Eagle Off-Road team have over three decades of detailing and ceramic coating experience. Not only does this shop go above and beyond in making vehicles beautiful, they also make beautiful detailing content. DuraSlic is proud to have Eagle Off-Road serving the greater New Orleans area for its ceramic coating needs! Check out the lowdown on our November Detailer Spotlight:

Company Name: Eagle Off-Road/Eagle Ceramic Specialist

Company Location: Belle Chasse, Louisiana (Greater New Orleans area)

# of Years in Business: 32


Detailing Philosophy: Innovating and Learning New Products that changes the Vision of a Vehicle. Making Nice things NICER! From Polishing/Paint correction to the beautiful characteristics of a Coating. End result: the customer smiling ear to ear is what we strive for! DuraSlic is definitely a 100% game-changing product that I will stand by.

November Detailer Spotlight 

Why you love owning and operating your business: We very passionate and love making our customer happy. You gotta LOVE what you do!

Which DS product is your favorite and why: DURASLIC DS 1500 XTREME! The characteristics in this formula is like no other ceramic coating out there.

november detailer spotlight


The coolest car you’ve worked on:

2022 F450 PLATINUM that we coated with DuraSlic DS 1500 Xtreme and sealed with FlowX! We won First Place *Best Truck*! At a show with it and was a crowd pleaser. The shine and glossiness is like no other!


November Detailer Spotlight


What you do when you’re not at the shop:

Spend time with family and going to church! Also doing a lot of research on new products for: custom build trucks we do, custom cars, and now SXS along with some different detailing products.


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