August Detailer Spotlight: Jeff with JV Auto Ceramics

August Detailer Spotlight: Jeff with JV Auto Ceramics

It’s time for our new Detailer Spotlight!

Meet Jeff, the owner of JV Auto Ceramics located in Clarksville, Tennessee. We want to highlight and thank him for making DuraSlic an integral part of his business!

Get to know him better!

Company Name: JV Auto Ceramics LLC

Company Location: Clarksville, TN

# of Years in Business: 1

Detailing Philosophy: We aim to exceed every customer’s expectation. If we have to ask each other, ‘Is this good enough?’, well then it’s probably not.

Why you love owning and operating your business: My partner Victor Plunkett and I started our business with the intent of raising the quality and performance of ceramic coating. We both have decades of experience in the automotive industry and attention to detail is our greatest quality.

Which DS product is your favorite and why: We apply DS 1500 Xtreme on everything. It goes on easy and performance is exceptional for our customers.

The coolest car you’ve worked on: The coolest car we’ve worked on would be a 2019 Lexus LC500. It was black and had been auto car washed to death. We brought it back to life. My favorite, however, believe it or not, was a 2013 Chevy Silverado, also black. Nothing fancy just a good ole fashion 8 year Chevy pickup. We not only brought it to life but it looked liquid and the customer was ecstatic! Looked better than new!

What you do when you’re not at the shop: When I am not at JV I am chasing my kids’ dreams lol. My son JJ is our right-hand man in the business and the last of my 3 kids at home. I am a stay home dad and have been for 20 years. I also own an outdoor social media vlog called TagNBrag with my brother and nephews. We are passionate outdoorsmen and video record all of our experiences. We have a 10 million+ annual viewing. Victor is a master paint refinisher. He is the father of 3 gals. He works in a collision center and runs the paint department. He likes to work on custom cars and has a 23’ Liberator jet-driven boat. The motor is as big as he is! lol… No, it’s bigger!! Lmao!! Time with our families is important to us. We spend a lot of time on the water playing or on the back deck enjoying life.