How to Get Your Business on Google Maps

How to Get Your Business on Google Maps

Ever wonder how businesses show up on Google Maps?


When browsing the internet, how many times do you see a business show up in your search results? When you search “detail shop” on Google, do you ever wonder how it knows to put that business on there? Well, here’s a little secret: you can put your business on Google Maps yourself! By doing this, you’re bound to get more exposure for your detail shop in your area and grow your following and client base! Check out our step-by step guide on how to get your shop on Google! It’s very easy and won’t take up much of your time.


Get in the right place!

Google has countless tools and apps to access these days, so be sure you’re in the right place. To get started, click here and hit the blue button that says “manage now.” After that, either search your business’ name in the search bar or click “add your business to Google.”

Begin creating your Google Maps profile

Next, we need to build out our profile. Google is going to ask for your basic information: address, location, business name, etc. Make sure to fill out this information as accurately as possible, it’s crucial in order to get verified. Get every last detail down!

Add a location

It’s important to specify what your business location is: shop, office, store, etc. This helps Google place it in the right searches in front of the right people. Without doing this step, Google’s algorithm can get confused and your business page can get lost on the internet.

Google Maps

Verification with Google Maps

This part can be a tad tricky. In order to get verified by Google Maps and for all of this to work, you must: allow Google to send a postcard to your business via mail with a verification code on it. Then, punch in the code on your business’ page and you’re good to go- just make sure you punch the code in right, Google will not allow your business to be verified if the code is incorrect more than 5 times! Plus, it assures potential customers that they’re getting a legit product/service.

Google Maps

Personalize and brand it!

Now that the backend technical stuff is ironed out, this is your chance to make it truly your own! Add photos, business hours, holiday hours, and a description to your profile! Show what your business is really like and what it’s all about. PS: You don’t have to have your postcard verification done to start customizing. We highly recommend adding in some keywords to help people find your place as well. For example, if you’re a detail shop use keywords like “auto detail” “detailing shop” and be sure to consider what products you carry. If your shop is a DuraSlic certified installer, add “DuraSlic” into your keywords as well! Adding these types of things will significantly boost your shop’s search visibility on Google, bringing in new customers.

Google Maps


You’re all set! Now people can find your business when they’re searching on Google. Keep adding content to your page to make it stand out. This is a small piece in the larger puzzle of your business, but it will go a long way in elevating your shop! For more tips and tricks, check out our other blog posts!