Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating for Professionals

DuraSlic’s unique hybrid structure and true ceramic coating composition prevents chemical, mechanical and environmental degradation when applied to automotive surfaces, such as paint, glass and trim. Our chemistry team has worked around the clock to perfect our formulas. This translates to significantly longer car surface protection than other ceramic coatings, yet with unmatched ease of application. DuraSlic protects automobiles from scuffs and scratches, water stains, chemicals, tar, corrosion, and harmful UV, simplifying exterior car maintenance and enhancing the appearance of the vehicle.

Put more plainly, car owners will see a car that looks great and is really easy to clean when cared for correctly. For installers, surface prep is where you do the hard work and we get that. Your ceramic coating installation should be easy, but still leave you with the confidence that your hard work was worthwhile.  DuraSlic products are developed for you!

Your surface matters.

DuraSlic incorporates a proprietary ceramic coating platform that outperforms traditional coatings through a chemical bond to paint, glass and trim. Surface preparation is critical to ensuring successful application.  To that end, DuraSlic is intended for use by professional automotive detailers and coating installers with an auditable surface preparation process. If a process is not in place currently, the DuraSlic team is available to assist in training and process improvements to meet these requirements.

rim ceramic coating

Scrub Test Durability

*Car Soap (RainX) abrasion with Sponge per ASTM D2486. Contact angle measured with DI water.

car ceramic coating