Detailing 101

Wiping Clean

Detailing 101

At DuraSlic, we know our customer’s are in a highly competitive market and we want to help give you an advantage over the guy down the road.  First and foremost, we do that by providing the best products in the market today. We use high quality materials, unique formulas and we design towards easy application processes.  Beyond that, we have real world detailing experience on our side and we’ll be sharing that with you too.

So, let’s get after it from the beginning and make sure you’re thinking about your business the right way.

You must have a passion for detail.

You must have the right tools.

You must have the right chemicals.

You need to be more than a car cleaner. Car cleaners are not Detailers.

You must be educated and insured.

Being creative to find the appropriate outcome for the detailing services you are providing to meet your customer’s needs.

Are you offering just wash/wax?

Do you do an express service?

Interior services alone need to be a main focal point considering people spend the majority of their time inside the vehicle.

Exterior services are a multiple step process and need advanced training to properly complete an exterior detail.

Maybe you have the processes and equipment in place already and you just need a next level product.  We’re happy to help with that. 

But, maybe, you have some questions and we want to help.  If so, let us know