5 Ceramic Coating Application Tips

5 Ceramic Coating Application Tips

5 Ceramic Coating Application Tips and Tricks

Every DuraSlic Certified Installer is trained in the latest paint correction and ceramic coating application techniques. However, there are key tips and tricks that can help yield the best possible results every single time. Curated by detailing industry experts at DuraSlic, here are 5 crucial ceramic coating application tips

Tip #1. Wear Gloves

Yes, everyone should already know this is standard operating procedure, but it’s important to get a reminder every once in a while. DuraSlic highly recommends wearing nitrile gloves during the coating application process. Protect yourself easily by throwing on some gloves before getting down to business.

A ceramic coating applicator being used

Tip #2. Use the Right Applicator Block

Believe it or not, not all applicator pads are created equal. It’s very similar to searching for the right coating to use: quality matters. When searching, look for quality microfiber on the outside, dividers and a steady block of foam on the inside. A rough and squishy applicator pad can waste time and lead to a messy application. Block and towel combos inconsistently absorb coating, which makes install unpredictable. Don’t put yourself behind schedule by having to backtrack.

Tip #3. The White Foam Board Method

DuraSlic coatings are famous for not having high spots, but we know you still want to double check. To ensure a zero high spot surface, try the whiteboard method. First, shine a bright light directly on the coated surface. Then, grab a whiteboard and reflect the light onto the whiteboard. The whiteboard will show “dead areas” or “dark spots” that indicate a high spot. Now that you can clearly point out your high spot(s), act accordingly to get it fixed!

Tip #4. Prime the Applicator

A common question in the coatings world: how much should I use? According to former IDA Detailer of the Year Brian Finn, during the first initial prime on the applicator pad, it’s better to apply a generous amount. After that, it depends on your climate and flash time. If you’re experiencing a quick flash time, add more coating to the applicator to buy some time. In contrast, use less coating when flash time is slower. Keep in mind that humidity will affect flash time!

A ceramic coating applicator pad being primed with DuraSlic ceramic coating

Tip #5. The Pull Test

Another elite pointer from Brian Finn while using DuraSlic XTREME. A quick and easy way to check the flash time is to try the Pull Test. Before buffing the coating off, grab a microfiber towel and place it on the corner of the section of the surface you just coated. Carefully pull the coating away from the corner. If the coating leaves more than a half an inch of product the coating is not yet ready to come off.

These are just a few pointers from our experts that can go a long way in the day-to-day of the detailing and ceramic coating world. DuraSlic prides itself on not only being a product detailers trust, but a leading resource to help detailers build their dream business. Change Your Angle.