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How is DuraSlic different?

First and foremost, DuraSlic coatings are not a white-label. Meaning, we do not re-package or re-label somebody else’s chemistry. DuraSlic ceramic coatings were created by leading scientists. Born from 10 years of ceramic chemistry and surface science research, each DuraSlic product is designed to be best-in-class.

DuraSlic’s unique hybrid structure and true ceramic composition prevents chemical, mechanical, and environmental degradation when applied to many surfaces. This means significantly longer protection than other coatings. DuraSlic protects from scuffs, scratches, water stains, corrosion, chemicals, tar and harmful UV. DuraSlic can best be defined as a hybrid coating, combining the benefits of a ceramic coating and a nanocoating.

DuraSlic vehicle coatings are based on award winning NanoSlic Ceramic Technology. Born in the advanced electronic’s industry, the technology was originally developed to provide outstanding hydrophobic and oleophobicity in an abrasion resistant coating. During curing a highly non-polar contact surface forms that repels water, water-based fluids, oils, and other chemicals. This makes it an ideal permanent coating to protect many industrial  and consumer surfaces. NanoSlic technology is used in a wide variety of applications including electronics, transportation, aerospace, and industrial.

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