The Pro’s Bundle – SEMA 2022


Use what the pros use. Only for a limited time at SEMA 2022.

DuraSlic Xtreme and FlowX are the dream team for any professional detailer. DuraSlic Xtreme boasts the best performing ceramic coating technology on the market and lasts up to 7 years. How do you make the best performing coating even better? Adding FlowX, which leaves behind a silky smooth finish to any coating and drastically lowers surface sliding angle. Hydrophobic and oleophobic properties have never been better with DuraSlic. Xtreme and FlowX are the ultimate duo to protect vehicle paint from contaminants and retain a pristine look.

Attendees at the 2022 SEMA Show have an exclusive opportunity to purchase both Xtreme and FlowX for a reduced bundle price. It’s time to be on the cutting edge.

About Xtreme: DuraSlic DS 1500 Xtreme is a revolutionary permanent ceramic nanocoating based on the world’s most advanced ceramic technology. DS 1500 Xtreme is the world’s first wipe-on ceramic coating that offers a high level of both hydrophobicity and oleophobicity. It can be applied to painted, coated and base metal surfaces, glass and plastics, to impart an unprecedented level of protection from water, chemicals, UV and corrosion. Furthermore, DS 1500 Xtreme is a multi-layerable formula that enables the user to boost the level of protection as needed.

About FlowX: Formulated with DuraSlic’s SuperSlic technology, FlowX is the ultimate topper to a ceramic coating. FlowX was born from industry feedback- a desire for a coating that left behind a silky smooth finish. Along with the satisfying feel, FlowX also protects against water spots, leaving a more complete finish than ever. Adding FlowX makes any vehicle a breeze to clean up during maintenance wash. Whether it’s used in tandem with DuraSlic Xtreme or as a standalone spray, FlowX is ready to roll.