Speedcoat – SEMA 2022


DuraSlic SpeedCoat Ceramic Spray is a professional grade coating for use on automobiles, trucks, and other transportation assets to add gloss, hydrophobicity and protection from the elements. Speedcoat is a very versatile coating- it can be used as the finishing touch to any detail job or act as a booster to DuraSlic 1500. Check out some of Speedcoat’s features:

    • Outstanding hydrophobic properties
    • Makes cleaning vehicles a breeze
    • Easy-to-apply spray format
    • Clear finish adds depth, gloss, and shine
    • Can be used as a standalone coating or as a topper to DuraSlic 1500
    • Eco-friendly formula


REFUND POLICY: All returns to DuraSlic require authorization. Please contact customer service. DuraSlic only accepts returns if the item/s are new and unopened, except in the case of known, verified and agreed upon manufacturing defect. Item/s must also be returned within 30 days of original delivery. Any kit or bundled item/s that are opened or missing parts are not refund eligible.

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