Installer Bundle – SEMA 2022


High performing and easy to apply. For a limited time, experience the DuraSlic difference for a reduced price.

DuraSlic 1500 and Speedcoat are making detailer’s lives easier all around the world. Get both for a bundle price, only at SEMA 2022. Don’t miss out on the exclusive opportunity to level up your detailing.

About DS 1500: DuraSlic DS 1500 is a revolutionary permanent ceramic nanocoating based on the world’s most advanced ceramic technology. DS 1500 offers a high level of both hydrophobicity, gloss, abrasion resistance and UV protection is a robust long lasting coating. It can be applied to painted, coated and base metal surfaces, glass and plastics, to impart an unprecedented level of protection from water, chemicals, UV and corrosion.

About Speedcoat: DuraSlic SpeedCoat Ceramic Spray is a professional grade coating for use on automobiles, trucks, and other transportation assets to add gloss, hydrophobicity and protection from the elements. Speedcoat is a very versatile coating- it can be used as the finishing touch to any detail job or act as a booster to DuraSlic 1500. It’s also an opportunity to add profit to maintenance washes with its easy to apply spray format.